Ocean State First Responders 25K Relay race & The Ocean State 5K Road Race 2018

( You do not have to be a 1st responder to enter a team, or run the 5k. All are welcome)

Sunday April 28, 2019

8:00 AM 5K Race

9:00 AM Relay Race


Come join us for the first annual Ocean State First Responders 25k Relay Race and the Ocean State 5k.

Registration Information


5K only

If you are running the 5k only ( not the relay), when on the registration page BELOW, choose registration options, there will be a drop down, Choose 5k from the drop down and then continue with registration.


25k only individual (not relay)

If you are running the 25k only (not the 5k & not the relay) Below click registration option and select 25k only individual, then finish with registration


​25k Relay only

If you are doing the 25k relay (not the 5k) you have 2 options to register.

1-- one runner from each team chooses relay team name option on the registration page BELOW. There will be a drop down, choose create a team. Then fill in the information. When you get to registration options, click 25k relay. (do not click 5k if you are doing the relay.) Then fill out the rest of your information and you are done

2- Once a team member has set up a team name , the rest of the team will follow these instructions.

One the registration page, next to the relay team name, click and find your team name and click it. Then fill out the rest of the registration form.

NOTE: Teams can have 1-5 runners per team. No more than 5 runners per team. Teams with 5 runners, Each runner will run 3 miles. Teams with less than 5 runners, runners will run multiple legs of the race.

Teams will be able to bring a pop up tent and hang out playing games and having fun,  while waiting for their turn to run.




Participant Information

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